Venom Pro Touch HD LiPo NiMH Battery Charger with ProPower 1350W DC Power Supply

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Designed for users of high capacity LiPo batteries our Venom Pro Touch HD Battery Charger & Venom Pro Power Supply Combo is the perfect marriage between our robust Venom 1350W Pro Touch Charger, and our juggernaut of power supplies, the Venom 1350W Pro Power Supply, creating the ultimate professional charging solution.

The Venom Pro Touch HD Multi-Chemistry Charger is Venoms most powerful charger to date. Loaded with features, the Pro Touch uses a beefy 1350W charge circuit allowing for charge rates up to 45A. Capable of advanced functionality like charging eight cell Lithium batteries as well as being LiHV compatible. The centerpiece of this charger is a user friendly, backlit touchscreen display that allows you to effortlessly navigate the easy to use menu system with the included stylus. View charge and discharge graphs, measure internal resistance, and store battery configurations for long term usage all quickly and easily through the touch screen interface.

Multi-Chemistry including LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, LiHV, NiMH, NiCD and Pb, with advanced features for NiCD and NiMH like cycling and forming.

Built with the specific purpose of powering the Venom Pro Touch HD Multi-Chemistry Charger, the Pro Power 1350W Power Supply delivers clean, consistent power for todays most demanding chargers. A steel chassis contains a total of four cooling fans, this power supply is capable of DC power output up to 1350W/60A and has a universal power input that handles both 110V and 220V.

  • Included Charge Leads: Deans, EC3, EC5, JST, Pre-Tinned Wire, Receiver (RX), Tamiya, XT60, XT90
  • Lithium Cell Count: 1-8 Series
  • NiCd/NiMH Cell Count: 1-20 Cell
  • Pb Battery Voltage: 2-24V
  • Charge Current: 0.1 - 45A
  • Discharge Rate: 0.1 - 45A (120W)
  • Circuit Power: 1350W
  • Power Supply Required: Requires 11V - 32V DC Power Supply
  • Display Type: LCD


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I love this Charger/Discharger. I use this one for everything from Training, Routine Charging, to "Bringing Back" Lipo's that have fallen off or Lipo's that won't accept charge from "other" Chargers & Even Data Logging. Most Definitely, the Very Best, Professional Grade, Charger/Discharger.

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