Venom Pro Quad 100W 7A 4-Port AC/DC LiPo, LiHV & NiMH Battery Balance Charger

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Building on the success of our Pro Duo charger, the Venom Pro Quad 4-port, 7.0A Multi-Chemistry balance charger is the ultimate solution for hobbyists looking to charge multiple packs quickly and conveniently.

Featuring a monolithic vertical stance, this charger saves valuable bench space by providing four complete charging circuits, each with its own dedicated 100W integrated power supply in a footprint similar to most single output chargers.

Having four dedicated power supplies in one compact package means all four channels are able to receive 100W of power, ensuring you are not diluting your amp rate when charging two, three, or four packs simultaneously. Discreetly located on the back of the charger are two powerful USB 2.3 Amp charging ports to conveniently power your USB devices.

Menu navigation is made easy with a five-button control interface and brightly backlit LCD screen. All the most common battery chemistries are supported including: LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb (lead acid) with a complete assortment of charge leads included in the box along with extra long balance leads to make safe charging in a LiPo sack effortless.

  • Charge Current: 4 x 0.1 - 7.0A
  • Circuit Power: 4 x 100W
  • Discharge Rate: 0.1 - 1.0A
  • Current Drain Balancing: 300mAh per Cell
  • Lithium Cell Count: 1-6 Cell
  • NiCd/NiMH Cell Count: 1-15 Cell
  • Pb Battery Voltage: 2-20V
  • Included Charge Leads: Alligator,Deans,EC3,EC5,HXT 4,JST,Receiver (RX),Tamiya,XT60
  • Input: DC 11.0V-18.0V - AC 100V-240V
  • USB Output: 2 x 5V 2.3A USB 2.0
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Length: 7 in (178mm)
  • Width: 4.25 in (108 mm)
  • Height: 9.25 in (235mm)


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Ratings & Reviews

18 reviews

Great product


Overall it was easy to use once I figured out how to charge 4 battery's at the same time. Maybe a video would help!!!

Love the charger would recommend it. Great product

Easy to use,Compact,Lightweight & Powerful


This charger is so convenient & easy to use, it's Hard to believe it has So much Power. With up to 7 Amps per channel, (400 available Watts) ,it can handle most any Battery. It takes so little pit space you'll have Room for another Car.

venom pro quad charger


venom pro quad charger

Venom Pro Quad 100W 7A 4-Port AC/DC LiPo, LiHV


I love the size and portability of this charger! It's also very easy to use!

I love it


Used ut this weekend at a compition and it my 9500s fast only problem ive had is with your batterys had two thats year old swell up and popped open. Had two others me up few months ago and was replaced im afraid i will not run venom batterys any longer

I had many questions pre-purchase, all answered.


I had many Q's before and after purchase. All promptly answered. Had a small issue (suspected issue) and a replacement was sent immediately. Great charger, Great people.

Venom Pro Quad


OMG, this thing is awesome. It looks way bigger in the photo, but surprisingly small and compact, which we don't mind a bit. We routinely charge 4 batteries at a time! This investment will definitely not disappoint!



will i had mine for a couple of months and two of the ports went out so i got a hold of them and with just a couple of questions they replaced it

Pro quad charger


Delivery of the unit was a bit painful as couriers missplaced the box but that is no fault of venom. I have used it 3 times for charging 12 batteries total each time so far it has worked perfectly. The alarm on completion of charging made me jump out of my skin as it sounds like a critical danger alarm but overall the device preforms extreemly well.

Venom quad charger


Excellent A

No hassle purchase and product


I placed the order, order was processed and item was shipped really fast. I got my charger before any other purchase made at the same time. The charger works great! No issues at all with it's performance. The only thing didn't like is that it ships with only 2 xt60 leads and a bunch of other stuff I may never use. With 4 channels, I would like to see 4 usable leads. Had to purchase 2 extra leads before I could use all ports.

Worth the money hands down


I was not sure i wanted to spend this amount of money on a charger but after I researched many other brands I found others were low quality. I promise this unit is worth the money and a must for drone enthusiasts/racers

battery charger


I am very happy with my purchase

Venom Pro Quad


Took just 1.5 hrs to charge 4 batteries to 4.2v. The old charger took hours to charge 1 battery and never got to 4.2v.

Have not opened the box


Have not opened the box and used it as yet..

A Little Surprised


I just replaced my "Hitec X4 AC Pro AC/DC Four Port Multicharger" with two of these chargers. So my review is more of a comparison than anything else.

1. All charge-ports are front facing
2. 100 watts across each port
3. 4 Balance boards supplied

1. No way to see at a glance what battery(s) are FULL. Why not have the RED LEDs turn GREEN indicating when a battery is FULL? Unlike my previous charger I have to toggle through the displays to see each battery's charge status.

2. USB ports are inconveniently placed on the backside as opposed to be up fron.

3. Clam shell case. On both chargers where the two halves meet they do not line up. This is very apparent when looking at the LCD display and across the top of the charger where the handle is located. Looks very cheap.

4. No remote (Bluetooth) connectivity to set or see charger status (something that I used frequently on the previous charger).

5. Battery FULL alarms are nearly as loud is my smoke detectors. Wish there was a way turn that down down so I don't have the family constantly complaining about it.

6. It doesn't appear that this charger can be updated via firmware. It'd be nice if to know that as battery technology changes the charger can too.

7. The "0686 Venom Pro Quad Charger Instruction Manual.pdf" is not searchable

Only charger you would ever need.


I was blown away with the versatility of this charger. It's like having 4 separate chargers in one.
I can charge my nimh nitro glow plug ignitor, my 2s surface lipos, my 1s lipo fly lipo and my daughter's nimh stick batteries ALL at once.
The display is very user friendly and easy to operate and set up.
This is the only charger you will ever need.

Pro quad charger


Love the charger, is exactly what i was looking for. Does exactly what I need it to do. Great product.

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