Important Safety Notice

Important Safety Notice Regarding Proper Use of UNI 2.0 Adapters with Traxxas® Chargers

Venom® and Traxxas® have come together to bring you this important safety information in an effort to clarify the proper use of Venom UNI 2.0 adapters and Traxxas® chargers.

While the Venom UNI 2.0 adapter allows seamless connectivity to Traxxas® vehicles and the line of EZ-Peak iD® chargers, they DO NOT contain the proprietary iD® technology that allows the charger to automatically recognize and configure the charger.

When using the Venom UNI 2.0 adapter with a Traxxas® EZ-Peak iD® Charger you must use the advanced mode to properly configure your charger. Follow the instructions provided with your Traxxas® charger for charging non-iD batteries. We have provided a link to a short video to help you understand this process.

The currently produced Venom UNI 2.0 adapters for Traxxas® also do not include the “keying” feature found on Traxxas® branded high current connectors, this keying feature will not allow a user to inadvertently plug a lithium battery into a Traxxas® NiMH only charger. In an effort to further improve your user experience and increase the level of safety, future versions of the UNI 2.0 adapter will include this “keying” feature.

Please note that Venom UNI 2.0 adapters are NOT compatible with Traxxas® NiMH only chargers. Only use Venom UNI 2.0 adapters with Traxxas EZ-Peak iD® Multi Chemistry chargers in Manual mode.



Should you have any questions regarding the proper care, use and charging of batteries your partners in safety, Venom® and Traxxas® are here to assist!

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