DJI Phantom 4 Venom Pro Charger 4-Channel 100W Rapid Speed Battery Charger

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DJI Phantom 4 users rejoice! Venom has you covered with our P4 Professional Charger. The Venom P4 Professional battery charger is designed to charge, cycle, or storage charge up to four DJI Phantom 4 batteries simultaneously. That is right, all four batteries get charged at the same time, unlike most other multi-battery Phantom chargers on the market that only charge one battery at a time. Spend more time flying and less time charging.

Featuring a sleek 4 bay design, this charger saves valuable bench space by providing four complete charging circuits. Each bay contains its own dedicated 100W integrated power supply in a space saving footprint. Having four dedicated power supplies in one compact package means all four channels are able to receive 100W of power, ensuring you are not diluting your amp rate when charging a second, third or fourth pack.

The Venom P4 Professional Charger is also equipped to handle the charging needs of the Phantom 4 transmitter, by way of convenient 2.3A USB (x2) and DJI (x1) transmitter charger ports located on the front of the charger.

Power up fast and keep your Phantom 4 in the sky longer with the Venom P4 Professional Charger.

  • Charge Current: 4 x 6A
  • Circuit Power: 4 x 100W
  • Lithium Cell Count: 3 Cell
  • Included Charge Leads: Phantom 4 Transmitter
  • Input: AC 100V-240V
  • USB Output: 2 x 5.3V 2.3A


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An absolute must have for any Phantom 4 owner! Mine arrived yesterday, and I put it straight to work on all four of my Phantom batteries. They were not all dead, but at least down to either 2 or 3 bars. This beast topped off all four batteries, and my transmitter in roughly an hour! ...WOW!!! I only ran into two minor issues. One was as another reviewer had stated. Although all four of my batteries are original DJI Phantom 4 batteries, two slots on my unit were kind of picky when plugging them in. They take just a little more force than one might think would be necessary. My initial observation is that I believe its just that the charger is new, and its the tolerances the custom fit of the battery slots were built to. I suspect that over time, this won't continue to be an issue. The only other issue was with the 'Operator's Manual' that came with the unit. I read the entire thing cover to cover before using the charger. I wanted to make sure I completely understood all three modes; (1) Charging, (2) Cycle, and (3) Storage mode. While reading the manual, page-5 unfortunately gives incorrect information on charging the transmitter in reference to the lights that you will see when charging. I've already contacted Venom Power, and I suspect they'll rectify this for future shipments.

This isn't the cheapest charger out there at $229.99. However, when you take into consideration the cost of batteries, and that this unit can charge, cycle, and storage charge your batteries, ...BAM!

5 stars


excellence service..excellent product

Must have if your really into Drones.


This thing is Awesome I can charge my batteries my RC and my tablet in one station and not need to take up any additional wall outlets. This thing charges the batteries and the RC from dead to 100% in just over 90 minutes all at the same time not one at a time. Very worth the money.

Like many others said, batteries don't readily fit the charger.


I have 4 brand new DJI Phantom 4 Pro batteries and none of them will fit this charger without running a "wedge" or flathead screwdriver down the length of the plastic on one edge of the connector. Yet, you don't have to do that with the DJI included chargers. The charger works great if you can get the batteries to seat. I give it a 3 star rating because while the charger works if you can get the batteries to seat, you as a user should not need to push a wedge in on your battery connector. They should re-design their connector on the charger to work with factory DJI batteries, perhaps put some form of metal thing like the DJI charger has.

Doesn't fit batteries without adjustment


Like Michael B. said, you have to use a screwdriver to wedge into the battery connector and force the black strip over about 1mm. The battery will then fit and charging is possible. My opinion is that if these chargers are going to ship and won't work out of the box (which is understandable, I'm sure there is tons of them already manufactured) There should at the very least be a note that will help the user understand how to make it work.

Not bad


I had to pry the connector in the battery to get it to fit properly in the charger.

Once I did that it's now working great!!

still trying to get batteries to fit...wish they'd put out video to demostrate


I have not been able to get batteries to fit and work. I have tried moving over with screw driver but so far no go. Looks like they'd have a you tube video demo somewhere to link to. If anyone knows one it would be great if you could send link.

Very good charger


I just got this charger for my Phantom 4 version 2 and it does a great job charging and storing my batteries. I did not have any problems with my battery not fitting in the holder . I did not use anything to make it fit better. It simply went in . So you better hurry and get this charger at the wonderful price of $150.00. You won't find a better deal.

Perfect fit


Unlike all the other reviews I had no problems with my batteries fitting in the charger. Also it charged them fast and stored them also . I did not try cycling yet . Venom equipment and batteries have always given me confidence in their products. There service is great.

4 at a time trumps one at a time!


Just got mine today and was impressed by the weight and overall design. Very simple and intuitive to operate and apparently Venom has listened to its customers and modified the issue with batteries not wanting to fit the interface. I had no problem inserting a battery into any port, they slide in and engaged the contacts with minimal effort. Kudos for not thinking you know it all Venom. I look forward to many years of service from this unit, hopefully my P4 will last add long as your charger will.

Venom phantom 4Pro Charger


Works very well! Already cycled all 4 of my batteries. Recommend for anyone wanting to properly maintain their batteries.

Venom p4p


I ordered the p4p charger i had one little problem they took care of it right away I love it a must have I would definitely recommend it thanks

Phantom 4 Venom Pro Charger


I have not had the problematic experience others claimed to have had inserting their drone batteries into the charging bays. My experience has been no problem at all. I currently have 3 new genuine DJI batteries and they all insert into each one of the bays smoothly. All charging systems seem to work as promised. It took about an 90 minutes to bring a new battery to full charge. I also discharged the same battery to a storage state with no problems. The storage state of the battery leaves 2 solid green bars. I assume this is correct discharged state of the battery. So, I am not sure what/why the others are complaining about that their batteries are not aligning with the adaptor in the blocks of the charger. Perhaps their batteries are not genuine DJI product. The only issue I had was I could not figure out what that extra cord was that was included to charge your controller. Wrong connectors for the v2.0. Must be for a previous controller release. experience with this charger is “two thumbs up.â€ù


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