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Is storage charging really THAT important?

Yes. It is.

Okay, seriously though, if you want your LiPo batteries to lead a long and happy life of servitude to you and your RC model, keeping the pack in good health is really important. LiPo batteries are very sensitive to their resting voltage.

Batteries that are stored fully charged have the potential of a decreased lifespan and lackluster performance down the road. Batteries stored near their low voltage threshold run the risk of dropping below usable voltage and becoming an expensive paper weight.

Most quality chargers today (like our Pro Duo Charger) have storage modes built into their programming. This is an excellent way to store your batteries for extended periods of time.

When using a storage charge, the charger will determine if the battery needs charged or discharged and will enter the appropriate program to safely bring your battery to a safe storage voltage (Approximately 60%-70% of mAh capacity). If you have any questions about storage charging, contact our customer support team as we’re always happy to help!

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